About us

Safround Logistics Group is a comprehensive international logistics enterprise provides air, sea, rail and land transportation services; we are also a NVOCC enterprise approved by Ministry of Communications; Safround has the qualification of first-class international freight forwarder.

The headquarter office is in Ningbo, we have wholly-owend subsidiaries around China port cities which are Ningbo, Shanghai, Tianjin, Qingdao, Xiamen and Jiaxing. In the meantime, Safround Group promotes overseas strategy, we set up Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand branch offices. In order to build an efficient global supply chain service network. Safround also have rich agents’ resources in USA, Canada and Europe which already have long-term stable agency relationship.

The core business fields of Safround Group are Ocean Freight including import and export; International Air Freight and International Railway service. In addition, our Group’s business also extends to destination custom clearance, delivery service to overseas warehouse; FBA transportation, D.G cargo, OOG & Break Bulk shipping service.

Statement of Core Value

We will keep on working with an entrepreneurial mind, enable the future with our strong science and technology, take "Strive, Adaption, Integrity, Embracement" as the enterprise core value ; We will create the leading E-commerce based freight forwarding company in China with the thought of “Customer is the God”.


A sense of Embracement requires us and our company to respect diversity and appreciate everyone's personal differences. Being inclusive means we have to acknowledge, understand, and respect all the internal and external stake holders surrounding us.


The supply chain and the logistics chain management are the most complicated process in theworld. The process of transporting one cargo from China to the United States involves more than 30 parties and 200 messages. In order to ensure the cargo arrive at the destination securely andtimely, we appreciate people who are adaptive to diffrert expected and unexpected situations, which means to use strategy and leverage resources differently to each single order.


Strive means to be enthusiastic to the business you are making. With the spirit of diligence, the word is yours. Being diligence requires us to be able to handle multitask workings and to be passion to achieve your personal goals and the company's vision


A sense of integrity requires careful reflection on one's moral obligations. Being integrate imposes the duty on us and our company to make decisions by acknowledging the context and considering consequences, both intended and unintended, of any course of action. Being integrate requires us to be accountable and responsible to ourselves, each other and the customers we serve.

Simplify international trade

Through the combination of powerful modern technology and dedicated service team, safround will make your supply chain management transparent and visual, allowing you to enjoy carefree freight service.

Mission & vision

Safround Logistics Group is a customer- oriented enterprise. Our mission is to create great products satisfying customers. Our vision is to become a leading company in the supply chain management industry. We provide logistic services including Ocean Freight, Air Freight, Trucking, Rail Transportation, Customs Clearance, and Warehousing.